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  • Hamanishi Maki 8 pieces

    Hamanishi Maki 8 pieces

    Warm rolls with smoked eel, shrimps, cream cheese and avocado in crispy breading with peanut dressing.

  • Nagoja Maki

    Nagoja Maki

    Grilled maki in panko with cream cheese, cucumber and tamago, decorated with spicy karai salmon and red tobico.

  • Okinawa Maki – 6 pieces

    Okinawa Maki – 6 pieces

    Dainty warm rolls with St. Jacob's scallops, shrimps, cream cheese, fresh cucumber, topped with unagi sauce and spicy Japanese mayonnaise.

  • Singapore Maki 8 pieces

    Singapore Maki 8 pieces

    Warm breaded rolls with salmon, eggplant, sweet pepper, salad leaves and pickled ginger. Served with mayonnaise sauce with tobiko caviar.

  • Tokio Bay Maki

    Tokio Bay Maki

    Roll with shrimp, avocado and cream cheese, topped with spicy karai salmon.