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  • Goma Maguro

    Goma Maguro

    Red tuna steak in black sesame crust with creamy spinach and mushrooms, rice croquette, pak choi and arugula salads with balsamic vinegar.

  • Gyuniku Sutēki

    Gyuniku Sutēki

    Fillet Mignon steak with ginger flavoured Sake sauce, caramelized carrots and asparagus-mushroom mix.

  • Kamo Sutēki

    Kamo Sutēki

    Grilled duck breast with red wine-cranberry sauce, served with caramelized carrots.

  • Megumi-San


    Yakisoba pasta and beef tenderloin roasted in oyster sauce with ginger and vegetable mix. Allergens: gluten, shellfish, egg, soybeans, sulphur dioxide

  • Ninniku


    Tiger shrimps fried in ninniku sauce with rice and sesame seeds.

  • Sake Teriyaki

    Sake Teriyaki

    .Delicate fried salmon fillet in teriyaki sauce. Served with rice and a piece of lemon.

  • Sake Yakimono

    Sake Yakimono

    Cilantro falavoured salmon steak with green pea puree and asparagus-mushroom mix.

  • Teppan Steak

    Teppan Steak

    Beef tenderloin cubes cooked in sake sauce with mushrooms served with Japanese rice.

  • Tonkatsu


    Fried pork with Japanese cabbage salad and tonkatsu sauce.

  • Tori Mandarina

    Tori Mandarina

    An exotical main course: chicken cooked in mango sauce with mandarin, served with cinnamon-coconut rice. Spicy taste.

  • Tori Teriyaki

    Tori Teriyaki

    Fried chicken in teriyaki sauce. Served with rice and sesame seeds.