There was a man, who decided to make sure that Japan was not only samurais, geishas and sake. He went to the Country of the Rising Sun in order to see it with his own eyes. He found Tokyo a very hospitable but unusual city. Ancient temples sided there with skycrapers, and the noise of multi-level road junctions dissolved in quite green parks.

One morning a narrow side street led him from the noisy highway to a small cozy restaurant by an old sinto temple.When he approached the temple’s ladder, a young beautiful girl opened the door of the restaurant and politely bowed inviting him to enter. He entered and made an order. Waiting for his sushi he contemplated temple’s tory gates silhouetted against the rising sun. Young girl came and gave him a hot towel to clean hands. Then she brought him the sushi on a wooden plate and disappeared quietly. He closed his eyes enjoying the harmony. He looked around but couldn’t realize where this wonderful music was heard from. It seemed like the walls themselves sounded making the environment wholly harmonic and peaceful. When he left the hospitable atmosphere of the restaurant, he dived again into the crazy non-stop rhytm of the Tokyo life.

On his way back he felt that he experienced Japan as it really was – as a country where stable traditions and hospitality exist in a mystic harmony with modern technologies and sashion. And he founded his „Planet Sushi“ restaurants of those authentic Japanese principles.