Oktogon daily offer

Bento lunch offers are not available yet in our restaurants. Thank you for your understanding.


Looking for a value lunch offer? Now you fond it. Planet Sushi quality Bento boxes and Lunch menu offers you a wide range of tastes and interesting food experience. Enjoy our offers every weekday between 11 AM – 3 PM.

Please go through our Bento offers of  ALLEE and OKTOGON:

Vegetarian Bento 1990,-

Miso Shiro, 4 pcs Horenso Maki, 4 pcs Kappa Maki.
Main: Yasai Teppanyaki



Sushi Bento 2490,-
Miso Shiro, 4 pcs Sensei maki, 4 pcs Toriniku maki,
4 pcs Kappa maki, 4 pcs California maki and fresh fruits.


Maki Bento 2990,-
Miso Shiro, 4 pcs Sensei Maki, 4 pcs Kappa Maki,
4 pcs Meiro Maki, 4 pcs Sake Maki and fresh fruits.



Kaisen Bento 3790,-

Miso Shiro, 4 pcs Ebi Crunch maki, 2 pcs Ika nigiri  and fresh fruits.
Main: Kaisen Udon.



Descriptions of dishes may not contain detailed information on all of the ingredients.
If you have any allergies please consult your waiter and ask for our Allergen Menu.
The price is given in HUF includes the VAT. On Holidays the offer is not available. Can not combine with discounts.
Lunch offer is available between 11 AM – 3 PM.