The Planet Sushi ingredients, or just fresh is good
With respect to the preparation and consumption of our food, it is for us, a matter of the greatest importance. We take care to ensure we use only the highest quality raw ingredients. All raw materials, from vegetables, to fish and seafood, are supplied by well established suppliers, who operate under the highest standards and very carefully check and constantly observe – in kuchar_17particular the origin of the food, as well as the observance of all technological procedures in the initial processing, transport, packaging, and more. For our restaurant selected fish (tuna and salmon) are prepared traditionally, by hand, not by machine. Manual preparation of the food is better for the meat and helps maintain its high quality. For each piece of fish (specifically tuna) only the best and most delicious meat from the center section of the back is chosen. Regarding fruits and vegetables, each and every piece is carefully chosen based on size, color, flavor and fragrance.

All ingredients are freshly made to order. Aside from fresh caught, live product, we also use those which, immediately after being caught or harvested, are deep frozen to preserve freshness. This protects them from harmful elements, and enables the ingredients to reach your table in the highest possible quality.

Where possible we serve original Asian ingredients. Those are for example, eel (unagi), pickled radish (takuan), spices like sichimi and hondashi, seaweed nori and kombudashi. And we always keep strict requirements for our suppliers. In Planet Sushi itself, we must follow strictly given guidelines. Everything that comes in our kitchen is regularly controlled. The control is done twice a day and includes a check of all key aspects of freshness and deliciousness – e.g. right temperature in freezing boxes, tasting, visual and odor evaluation of food, workspace hygiene etc. Everything that reaches the kitchen is preciously marked.


Planet Sushi cooks

To become a Planet Sushi cook you must first undergo a demanding and rigorous preparation process. Each cook undergoes an intensive 6-week-long course, in which they gain the necessary theoretical knowledge and step by step they adopt an Asian cooks’ skills.

The team works under an experienced chief. The chief, as well as the entire kitchen crew, is always here to listen to your special demands. The Asian cuisine is playful! When in Planet Sushi, do not hesitate to talk to the cook and ask him for any specific needs for your meal.

Our menu jidlo_1

Planet Sushi menu is dynamic. We always monitor new trends, which arise in the Japanese as well as in other Asian cuisines. From those new arrivals we choose those, which we are able to deliver to your table in the highest quality and freshness. Besides that, your favorite meals are still being kept on our menu. Thanks to this approach we can provide you with an ever growing menu, rivaling the Asian cuisine’s bests.



If you do not like sushi…

We can also satisfy to those guests, who are not really fans of the raw preparation of fish. In our menu you will also find alternative choices, such as vegetable rolls or rolls with cooked fish. Please do not hesitate to ask your waitress for recommendation.vegie_bento

Besides sushi we also offer other delicious meals, which satisfy your need for a hot meal. You can also avoid fish if you’d like. Planet Sushi brings you a wide offer of Asian specialties such as noodles (harusame, udon, yakisoba), various types of tepanyaki, and soups like nabe udon or thai tom kha.