We are open again!

Dear Guests!

Hard times are always followed by great ones! We are happy to announce that Planet Sushi Oktogon and Planet Sushi Allee restaurants are open again! We missed you so much but now finally we have the chance to serve you again! Let’s come together, get relieved and celebrate the end of the restrictions with your favourite foods & drinks.


Date of reopenings:  


#29 of May Friday, Oktogon – Table service on the terrace area of TGI Fridays or inside TGI Fridays.


 #29 of May Friday, Allee 


Safety measures are done, let’s talk about the fun! Are you ready to raise your glasses for the relief? We are looking forward to see you again and celebrate in Planet Sushi Oktogon & Allee. Cheers for good times, cheers for safe!


Yours faithfully,

Planet Sushi Budapest team